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Our Directors

Changing Together consists of two Directors who together with our Team have a commitment to working together with our participants with care and compassion to achieve the best positive outcomes, every day and in every way.

We are a team of professionals dedicated to providing a diverse range of care services to those covered under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) working with participants – mental health and disabled.

We come with years of knowledge and expertise in this area and most importantly compassion and sensitivity towards each individual in need of our support.

Gideon Managing Director

Gideon was a refugee from Burma who left his country to come to India. He started out a Martial Art (Karate) instructor when he was a teen, and with his club eventually produced a film that he directed. Some years later in India, he went to Bible College where he finished his Bachelor of Theology.

He started teaching music at school in New Delhi, India while he was there for almost nine years as a refugee and where he experienced hardship and struggles in his life in many areas of a foreign country. Together with his wife and daughter, they came to Australia 2009 and he started out a volunteer Interpreter for MRC for a year in Adelaide. With the support of a wonderful family, Chris and Michelle McColl he set up a business in Mt Gambier growing vegetables organically for almost 4 years. He was certified as an organic producer by NASSA ( The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia).

Gideon and his wife and three children, returned to Adelaide and started to find a way that he could help his own community. Especially, he wanted to contribute back to this country that had given him and his family a better future and opportunity for which he will be very much grateful forever. He formed a multinational Church where people could experience a new life and feel accepted for who they are.

He became self employed and through his work got customers from NDIS. As he was limited in how much he could assist customers in his current role, he believed that he could see assist so much more by becoming an NDIS services provider. It inspired him to become an NDIS support worker. He is committed to dedicate his life to serve others through caring and compassion.

Contact Gideon – 0490 762 360

Kristina CEO

Kristina (Ass. Dip. SW 1983) has a Social Work background and has worked in many community sector fields: bilingual Grant In Aid, Social Security, Child Protection, Community Health, the Education Department, Group counselling/training, Rehabilitation and Recruitment. Kristina specialised in cross-cultural social work and group work. She is committed to helping people achieve their life goals and dreams.

Contact Kristina – 0424 000 780

Our Team

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